Thanks to its special formula, the conditioner provides gentle care and protection for all hair types after shampooing. It closes the cuticle layer, moisturizes hair, restores its elasticity and silk. For daily use.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil – moisturizes and nourishes, improves elasticity and makes hair shine naturally, protects its ends from dryness. The conditioning complex makes your hair smooth and silk, simplifies combing. Amino acids of cereals – restore and protect hair from damage.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply a small amount of the product to wet and washed hair, avoiding the roots, leave it for 1-3 minutes, rinse with water.

AVAILABLE VOLUMES: 100/250/1000/5000 ml

If you have oily or very thin hair, apply conditioner BEFORE washing your hair with ANAGANA shampoo

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